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We are happy about your visit at our website. It is our pleasure to invite you to the Maier rotary joint world.

Mission Statement

Where Quality, Safety, and Experience assure customer satisfaction!

Christian Maier GmbH & Co. K G’s mission is to be the first choice for Rotary Joint customers around the world. As one of the most experienced manufacturers of Rotary Joints (rotating unions) in existence, our priority (goal) is to maximize the quality and value of Rotary Joint products & services. This is accomplished by integrating our traditional and well-known core values of high quality, reliability, and safety with comprehensive customer & user-driven priorities combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on proven, reliable, and emerging technologies.

The results are "value-added" products & solutions that satisfy customer needs!

ISO 9001, ATEX 2014/34/EU and PED 2014/68/EU, Quality Policy Statement

The Maier advantage clearly results from decades of applied experience and refined quality procedures including being ISO 9001, ATEX 2014/34/EU and PED 2014/68/EU registered to meet customer and supplier requirements. Additionally, our quality management system is continually improved by meeting and revising quality objectives.

Qualification and Manufacturing Heritage

Maier America is a subsidiary of renown German manufacturer, Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG, Heidenheim. The trademark foundation of Christian Maier is superior products, safety, excellent customer service and exceptional leadership. As a result of quality and reliability, this family owned and operated company has provided customers with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing rotary joints. Maier Rotary joints meet the highest standards of the industry under statutory and regulatory requirements around the world, with the most value and on-time delivery for customers.

Our integrated strategic approach combines our traditional core values with comprehensive customer-driven priorities enhanced by our worldwide service network. The results are value-added products that satisfy customer needs.

Maier America LLC is located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area and offers Maier Rotary Joints (rotating unions), spare parts, maintenance, and limited sub-assembly services. Our warehouse is fully stocked with standard rotary joints, parts, and accessories. Our inventory is monitored and stocked regularly to meet individual customer needs. Our ongoing commitment to customer service is always our major priority and is highlighted by our efforts to expand to best serve customer needs. Our experienced and expert personnel will assist you in analysing and selecting appropriate rotary joints (rotary unions), related parts and accessories to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

Maier America’s convenient locale, experience, expertise and passion supported by Christian Maier’s heritage of technology & manufacturing infrastructure, skills, and experience is a great resource for customers.

The Maier Global Network

An international sales and service network with a strong customer-service orientation is a key strategic pillar of the company. Maier has subsidiaries in the United States and Italy as well as more than 40 distributors and sales partners world-wide. In addition, Maier has established/ official authorized service centers in the USA, Italy and Canada to support the international market.

Maier Rotary Joints (rotating unions)

Rotary Joints (rotary unions) are components connecting stationary pipes to rotating rollers and tables for transferring media under pressure to heat or cool a system.

Maier Rotary Joints, premier in the industry, are designed for cold and hot water, steam up to 250°C/482°F, 40 bar, hot oil up to 390°C/734°F, hydraulic oil, air up to 40 bar, chemical media, coolant up to 150 bar, vacuum, high running speeds and temporary "dry run" applications. Maier Rotary Joints are utilized in the textile, plastic, paper, rubber, food, steel, chemical, and energy industry.

We offer rotary joints for:

    • Machine Tools (internal coolant supply), power spindles,
    • Calenders for plastic materials and rubber
    • Calenders for nonwoven products
    • Printing and flexographic machines, gold converting,
    • Textile and tannery machines
    • Paper machines (super and soft calendars)
    • Rotating dryers/mixers
    • Tobacco processing machines
    • Steel Industry (continuos casting),
    • Food processing machines
    • Chip board plants
    • PET bottle machines/ blow molding machines
    • Rotational/slush molding machines
    • Roofing Felt plants
    • Wind turbines
    • Solar wafer production
    • Clutches
    • Coiling systems

Further information you find at Quick Selection.


The Experience

Rotary joints (rotary unions) are essential components for the performance of machines in which they are installed. Critical usage configurations require theoretical and hands-on knowledge with a variety of applications.

Maier has more than 50 years experience in producing rotary joints. We produce more than 1000 versions of standard and custom-made rotary joints (rotating unions), from single passage to multi passage, from DN 3 (1/8") to DN 500 (20").

Our long and reputable history of experience is enhanced by a network of more than 40 worldwide distributors, commercial and sales partners also providing accessories, parts, service and repair as part of the company philosophy.

Maier America prides itself on having well-trained and experienced technicians with proven experience and expertise in the rotary joint field. Our professional engagement is to select the right rotary joint for each application. Maier Germany, our corporate headquarters, is a company internationally recognized for the quality of its products. Our trademark is and will remain quality.

We are proud to be a part of Maier Germany.

The knowledge-base and expertise that Maier Germany makes available is not only connected to the production of the rotary joints but also to the implementation know-how for machines on which the rotary joints are installed.

The Added Value

Maier America’s goal is to provide quality solutions for transferring fluids through rotary joints at any speed, pressure, and temperature. Our objective is to exceed our competitors in the areas of technology, quality, and customer service. Our mission driven strategy to improve, create, and develop the best rotary joints and related products in the industry is accomplished with the following core competencies:

  • Customer-driven design and production:
    Real-time customer feedback on design and performance issues to insure the most successful product planning and implementation.
  • State-of-the-art technological infrastructure that parallels and utilizes proven, reliable, and emerging technologies.
  • Centralized web-based information resource environment for fast and easy access to product information (overviews) and general specifications.

The Maier product competitive advantage is a long and proven history of superior product quality and manufacturing techniques. Our quality management system is continually monitored and upgraded to assure state-of-the-art solutions, as well as consistency and continuity of product quality. As a result, our products are registered ISO 9001, ATEX 94/9/CE and PED 97/23/CE and manufactured according to the requisite statutory and regulatory requirements.

At Maier America, we aim for more than just making sales. Our philosophy is one of teamwork. We consider our customers to be our partners in working towards the highest quality, safest, and most cost effective solutions for the advancing needs of the ever expanding industrial economy and global environment in which we live. Our target is to keep a finger on the pulse of our customer’s needs and the latest research trends. We listen to our customers and work hard to establish trust and maintain a strong and lasting relationship.

This is the added value and signature trademark of working with Maier America.

Repair Service

Maier America's role is to build on and advance the excellent tradition of services that Christian Maier GmbH & Co. KG has established. A core component of Maier America’s customer based services is a service and repair center which provides immediate local support for customer needs.

Maier America is committed to maintaining the same high standard of services in sales, service, repair and technical support as our parent company Chr. Maier GmbH & Co.KG in Germany. Our strong product knowledge and qualified personnel renders outstanding services.

In addition to repair services, our repair center offers evaluations of rotary joints, including complete evaluation reports, any necessary graphic representations such as photos, and trouble shooting advice for corrections to improve the service life of your rotary joints (rotatig unions).

Warranty is granted to all rotary joints (rotary unions) repaired at our facility. Rotary joints returned to us during the warranty period must include photos of the installation as well as detailed application data.