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Maier rotary joints (rotating unions) connect pressure pipes and rotating pressure systems for heating or cooling rollers with pressurized media.

Pressure-dependent (pressure-applied) designs with roller bearings are maintenance-free. However, since the sealing depends on the pressure, the speed is limited. See series H, DA, M.

Pressure-independent (pressure-free) designs with axial face seals and roller bearings allow for considerably higher speeds and, with special seal combinations, for considerably greater temperatures.

See series DX and DP for water, DQ for thermal oil, DC for steam.

Designs with O rings are also limited in terms of speed and temperature.

Decades of experience and expertise in this area guarantee superior product quality and maximum reliability. Maier belongs to the world's most experienced manufacturers of rotary joints (sealing heads, rotary unions etc.). More than 1,000 standard versions and more than 1,000 special solutions with nominal diameters from 10 to 450 are available for many media.

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